Friday, July 6, 2012

Workshop: Document delivery, access, annotation, and management on the iPad

Today we will be focusing on  using iAnnotate to manage documents on the iPad  along with some complementary file management options (email, DropBox, etc.)
1. Setting up custom toolbars
2. Importing and opening documents (web, doc, ppt, pdf)
3. Navigating through documents (multiple documents, bookmarks, page
numbers, etc.)
4. Signing and marking-up documents (with virtual ink and a palmrest)
5. Annotating documents (with comments and highlights, etc.)
6. Annotating documents (adding voice notes and using dictation)
7. Saving, exporting and printing documents
8. Managing your library of documents using iAnnotate and email (search,
move, create folders, etc.)
9. Introducing DropBox
10. Email, Evernote, Mendeley, what else have you?

Sample Files:

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