Monday, August 13, 2012

Middle Years Cohort Recommended apps

We are looking to create a list of potentially useful apps to recommend to students (please send any apps that you believe will be useful).

Here are a few apps to start (for faculty or students):

Appsgonefree (free): this app presents a selection of popular apps that have just gone 'free' on the app store.  It is a great way to find and try out new apps.

AppShopper (free): Another app that helps you to find and track apps.  If you find an app that you like, but the price seems to high - use this app to put it on a watch list - and you will be notified when the price drops.  You can also see the price history and reviews from around the world.

iAnnotate ($9.99):  allows you to mport, review and annotate (highlight, sketch, audio, text, etc) documents (student work, papers, curriculum, textbooks, etc.).  Email annotated document to others.

iMovie ($4.99): allows you to create simple but effective movies (demonstrations, documentaries, reflections, etc.).

Explain Everything ($2.99) a simple interactive whiteboard like tool that lets you annotate, animate and narrate visual presentations.  Set up a series of 'boards' with context/images/notes/templates then record as you add in animated detail and verbally explain the images.

Tubepad (0.99) allows you to review and cache videos from Youtube, so that you can then play them back off line

Ubersense Coach (Free) a neat tool that allows you to capture video an then review the video at any speed and annotate the video with drawings or narration and record that discussion for further review or distribution.

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